How can you help?

Monthly donations

Under the motto: every little bit helps, we are always looking for regular monthly sponsors. €5 or €10 per month is enough to make a difference and to write this on your tax return.
Even with a small contribution of €5 per month, you can already pay 2.5 days’ wage from a teacher

€30 / per month
two cooks

€30 / per month
one grounds keeper
€40 / per month
one nurse

€60 / per month
one teachers

€80 / per month
one head teacher
€150 / per month
lunch for 300 pupils
Teachers at Virgo Maria

Top products

We regularly sell good products for a good price. You probably feel like a delicious wine for the summer or champagne for the Christmas Holidays, you are a big fan of hot sauce, you want to surprise your employees with an apero box full of goodies or you want an authentic bag, made in Uganda.
Pass your name and we will keep you informed of these promotions.

Single donations

Donations for infrastructure: an average 3-unit school building costs €15,000

• Material
We try to limit this as much as possible and source our material locally.
2 exceptions:
    – Technical infrastructure
    – Football jerseys

• Support on site: we are open for any collaboration on site, this will be explored & discussed on a case by case basis.

So what are you waiting for?
Give in to your inner philanthropist or compensate for your other shady activities by supporting a nurse in Uganda for 40€/month.
It will set you back an acceptable 20€/month after you tax deduction. 
Besides the sense of enormous well-being, you will get a conversation starter to get you through boring receptions.

Gifts are also possible throug the online donation page of the King Baudouin Foundation:


Schools, companies, organisations and private sponsors can pay directly to our account: BE33 0689 1089 0146

Our sponsors:

Our wall of fame is impressive. But there is always room for more support.

Schools, companies and organisations

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