How can you help?

Even with a contribution of €5 per month, you can pay for 2.5 days of a teacher’s wage.

Monthly donation

€30 / per month
two cooks

€30 / per month
one grounds keeper
€40 / per month
one nurse

€60 / per month
one teachers

€80 / per month
one head teacher
€150 / per month
lunch for 300 pupils
Teachers at Virgo Maria

Single donations

Donations for infrastructure: an average 3-unit school building costs €15,000

• Material
We try to limit this as much as possible and source our material locally.
2 exceptions:
    – Technical infrastructure
    – Football jerseys

• Support on site: we are open for any collaboration on site, this will be explored & discussed on a case by case basis.

So what are you waiting for?
Give in to your inner philanthropist or compensate for your other shady activities by supporting a nurse in Uganda for 40€/month.
It will set you back an acceptable 20€/month after you tax deduction. 
Besides the sense of enormous well-being, you will get a conversation starter to get you through boring receptions.


Schools, companies, organisations and private sponsors can pay directly to our account: BE33 0689 1089 0146

Schools, companies and organisations