• Jan Calliauw
    Jan is into de-risking development projects, cooking hot sauce and gathering funding. He is a Robin Hood from Aldi.
  • Greet Dufraing
    Greet coordinates the Running for Uganda actions. She takes care of all official documents, legal matters and governmental support.
  • Ijou El Kaimoche
    Ijou is specialist public relations. Our eyes on the world.
  • Dirk Van Merode
    As Dirk, one of Ekisande’s founding members, manages a EU-funded project in Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia the next 3 years, he will be on site every now and then at no cost for the Ekisande organization.
  • Father Tom
    Father Tom is the right person to manage this project on site. As a bishop he is respected by parents, local government and other organizations.
    We at Ekisande like him because he is an open thinker who believes in gender equality and a pragmatic approach to safe sex and aids.
    In the years we have been doing our combined efforts, Father Tom proved to be a hard-working, honest and intelligent leader. He has clear goals on how to improve all the different initiatives, and has the right people at the right place to get the work done.